Semiautomatic circular saws

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The machine can be made straight and angles cuts with rotation of haed box on horizontal axis: on the machine front it is possible easily select the cutting angle from 45° up to 135°. The blade motion is from rear up to fore part of the machine: the tilting head movement is driven by a oleopneumatic cylinder. In the off position the blade is completely inside the head guard.

The part involved in the cutting - where the blade go outside - is procteted by a carter with a guard self-adjustable according the blade coming out. The guard lowering in each cutting is driven by a security switch for the blade coming out sequence. The clamping vice is fore horizontal driven by a pneumatic cylinder.

The movements are controlled by a 2 hand pushbutton board:

• with the right button the vice closes and the protection guard goes down;

• for the blade to come out it is necessary to push also the left button.

The machine is also equipped with an effective tray system and conveyor for chips: it exploites the air whirl generated by blade rotation and thrustes them toward the coming out filler in the lower part on head box rotation axis. The machine is supplied with a tray filter sack for assembling it directly on the filler but, a better aspiration, it is advisable to connect the machine to an exhaust fun.

Technical specifications

  tubi tondi 

   90°: 120

   45°: - 

   135°: -

   tubi quadri

   90°: -

   45°: - 

   135°: -


   tubi rettangolari  

   90°: 120x170

   45°: 120x250 

   135°: 120x170

    • Dimensions

    • >900 x 1550 x 1200
    • Height working plane

    • >1000
    • Weight

    • >390

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