Bend Master 90

Linear Benders

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Bend Master 90

> 6 synchronised & controlled axis: a guarantee of precision and realibility.

> Fixed and variable radius bending, with mandrel and by compression.

> Automatic change of tool stack and bend radius.

> Tight radius bending thanks for booster on carriage.

> Latest generation IMS machine control: flexible, intuitive, user-friendly.

> Energy saving


> Large capacity, up to 90 mm.
> Machine designed for heavy duty work.
> Perfect mixture of speed, precision and sturdiness.
> Machine can be fitted with different radius bend dies to make particularly complex parts.
> Equipped with bend die return as standard.
> Rapid set-up of tooling: suited both to serial production and small batch production.
> Available in multiradius clockwise or counter-clockwise version.

> IGES file import
> Immediate analysis of part feasibility
> Teleservice via webcam
> IMS platform available for PC, tablet and smartphone



Technical specifications

> Bending capacity (in steel R=400 N/mm2):
90x4 mm

> Maximum centre line radius:
400 mm

> Precision of electric axis:
   ± 0,1

> Speed of carriage:
1.100 mm/s

> Bend arm rotation speed:

> Tube rotation speed:

> Max Tube Length on front stop:
4.000 mm

> Max Tube Length on rear stop:
 5.400 mm

    • Dimensions

    • >8.000 x 2.350 x 1.950 (h) mm
    • Height working plane

    • >1.310 mm
    • Weight

    • >7.400 kg


The IMS.4 control, created by our SW developers, allows control and monitoring of all executable functions, represented in graphic form. Pedrazzoli’s Touch Screen visual programming system is particularly intuitive and easy to learn.

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