Bend Master 65

Linear Benders

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Bend Master 65

> 10 completely electric controlled axis: constant repeatibility and precision in time.

> Clockwise and counterclockwise bending, with variable radius and multi-radius in same work cycle.

> High productivity

> Latest generation IMS machine control: flexible, intuitive, user-friendly.

> Energy saving


> Compact size bending head.
> Total protection of rear area by means of guarding.
> Automatic adjustment of tooling and rapid set-up.
> Modulation of thrust for tight radius bends.
> Available as multiradius or multiradius clockwise and counterclockwise version

> 11th Controlled axis: bend die return
> Punching
> IGES file import
> Immediate analysis of part feasibility
> Material elastic springback compensation
> Teleservice via webcam
> Handy Machine Operator Panel to manage all machine axis inside safety area
> Automation of process with loading and unloading
> IMS platform available for PC, tablet and smartphone


Technical specifications

Bending capacity ( in steel R=400 N/mm2 ):
65x3 mm

Maximum centre line radius:
250 mm

Maximum head vertical travel:
310 mm

Precision of electric axis:
± 0,05

Speed of thrust carriage:
715 mm/s

Bend arm rotation speed:

Tube rotation speed:

Max Tube Length on front stop:
4.050 mm

Max Tube Length on rear stop:
5.700 mm

    • Dimensions

    • >7.580 x 1.710 x 1900 (h) mm
    • Height working plane

    • >1.225 mm
    • Weight

    • >4.700 kg


The IMS.4 control, created by our SW developers, allows control and monitoring of all executable functions, represented in graphic form. Pedrazzoli’s Touch Screen visual programming system is particularly intuitive and easy to learn.

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