Bend Master 38

Twin Head Benders

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Bend Master 38

> 8 electric controlled axis, including travel and rotation.

> 2 completely independent bend heads.

> Symmetrical and asymmetrical, multi-radius and variable radius bends in same work cycle.

> High productivity: part execution speed is double that of a linear tube bender.

> Latest generation IMS machine control: flexible, intuitive, user-friendly.


> Flexible bending system which can be adapted to the most  diverse production requirements.
> Two independent bending heads which work the part simultaneously.
> Lean machine configuration, with no superfluous structures so that tubes longer than machine bed length can be bent.
> Obtains finished components in a single work cycle while single head machines require successive steps. 

> Up to 4 punching units
> Automatic loading/unloading with weld search
> Predisposed for external handling units
> IGES file import
> Immediate analysis of part feasibility
> Teleservice via webcam
> IMS interface available for PC, tablet and smartphone


Technical specifications

> Bending Capacity ( in acciaio R=400 N/mm2 )
   mm 38 x 2

> Maximum bend radius
   mm 150

> Min distance with central clamp
   mm 310

> Min distance without central clamp
   mm 220

> Max distance between the two bend axis
   mm 5200

> Carriage opening stroke
   mm 80

> Head movement max speed
   m/min 70

> Bending max speed
   °/s 160

> Central clamp rotation max speed
   °/s 250

    • Dimensions

    • >mm 7.200 x 2.000 x 1.450 (h)
    • Height working plane

    • >---
    • Weight

    • >kg 3.800


The IMS.4 control, created by our SW developers, allows control and monitoring of all executable functions, represented in graphic form. Pedrazzoli’s Touch Screen visual programming system is particularly intuitive and easy to learn.

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