Bend Master 25

Linear Benders

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Bend Master 25

> 8 controlled axis: constant repeatability and precision in time.

> Clockwise and counter-clockwise bending, with variable and multi-radius in same work cycle.

> Latest generation IMS machine control.

> High productivity and versatility.

> Energy saving.


> Modern design with utmost attention to detail.
> Compact sized bending head.
> Machine body completely covered by guarding.
> Automatic adjustment of tools and rapid set up.
> Modulation of thrust for very tight radius bends.
> Machine is supplied in clockwise-counterclockwise multiradius bending version.


+ IGES file import
+ Immediate analysis of part feasibility
+ Material elastic spring-back compensation
+ Teleservice via web-cam
+ Handy Machine Operator Panel device to manage all machine axis inside safety area
+ Automation of process with loading and unloading options
+ IMS platform available for PC, tablet and smart-phone


Technical specifications

> Bending capacity (for steel R=400 N/mm2):
    25x2 mm

> Maximum bend radius on CW bends:
   150 mm

> Maximum bend radius on CW-CCW bends:
   68 mm

> Maximum head vertical travel: 
   270 mm

> Precision of electric axis:
   ± 0,05

> Carriage speed:
   1.676 mm/s

> Bend arm rotation speed:

> Tube rotation speed:

> Max tube length on front stop:
3.050 mm

> Max tube length on rear stop:
4.467 mm

    • Dimensions

    • >6.075 x 1.645 x 1.900 (h) mm
    • Height working plane

    • >1.160 mm
    • Weight

    • >2.390 kg

Ims4 + Fanuc

The flexibility of the IMS.4 machine control,created by our SW developers, combined with thereliability of the Fanuc package Drives-Motors-Numeric Control.

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