ADB 142 M


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ADB 142 M

The ADB142 carries out the deburring of tubes and profiles, even when mitre cut, by means of brushes moving in an orbital rotation round tube's axis so that tube itself does not have to be turned. A series of plates, manually adjusted, allow to adapt the entry hole to the dimensions of the material to be worked, whether round, square, rectangular or other sections.ADB142-M brushing unit fits q.ty 2 brushes ø 300 x 55 (supplied with machine), or in alternative these can be replaced by 6 brushes ø 380 x 25 (upon request) to reach machine's maximum brushing capacity. Machine comes complete with spacers so that one can even work with a single brush, option possible when deburring tubes with max diameter 50 mm.

The brushing unit is composed of:

> Base in welded metal sheet, with a swarf collection drawer and a conveying system predisposed for the application of an aspirator.

> Deburring head with double motor, with inverter for variation of brush's RPM and system for adjustment of brush position.

> Set of plates for adjustment to tube's diameter, with V support for symmetrical sections and flat support for rectangular parts and angled cuts.

Technical specifications

Max dimension with ø 300 mm brush (standard) round
110 mm

80 mm

Max dimension with ø 380 mm brush (optional) round
142 mm

100 mm

Brush speed with inverter
700÷1700 r.p.m.

Installed power
Kw 4,35

Kg 520


    • Dimensions

    • >1100 x 650 x 1400
    • Height working plane

    • >/
    • Weight

    • >520

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